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THE EDUCATION SECTION A Farewell to Education. It's been nearly 2 years since we started our Education Section, and we have covered many topics, ranging from State Pensions to the EU Gender directive - a wealth of information that will remain available for you to read in our indexed archive . Now though, we thought the time had come for a change, and we will be replacing the Education Section from the August edition of News & Views with a new topic called Structured Product Watch. Why Structured Product Watch? For several years now interest rates have been low and stock markets volatile. Many of our clients with bank & building society savings have been seeking better returns for their savings, but have been unwilling to invest into stock markets without some protection. Structured products have provided the answer for many clients, and with great success in all market conditions. From next month we will be sharing with you many of these successes, and provide a commentary on what we consider to be the pick of the current products available. We hope you enjoy our new section, and as always, will be keen to hear your feedback.