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RETIREMENT REVOLUTION April 2015 On 6 April 2015 the world of pensions faced it’s biggest change in decades, & in this section we explore ideas & case studies about how the changes could affect you. In the case studies we use the Brown family to illustrate the examples, which include - 1 . Cashing in a pension pot to invest in a Buy to Let to provide a retirement income (click here ) 2 . Small Pension Pots (click here ) 3 . Slowing down! Using the new pension flexibility to fund a more balanced lifestyle (click here ) 4 . What happens to your pension fund upon death? 5 . Taking a final salary pension or converting to a drawdown? 6 . Taking a pension fund as a one off lump sum. The tax aspects. 7 . Annuity, cash or drawdown? 8 . Accessing a pension fund to repay a mortgage or other debts 9 . Using a pension fund to help out the children Our fourth article looks at what happens to your pension fund upon death? Click here to read more, or here to download a printable pdf document